Nulls Clash APK v15.0.5 Download 2023 (Official)


Nulls Clash APK Download is the best private server and COC mod. Clash of Clans sure is the favorite game of millions of users around the world. And many players want to upgrade to Town Hall 15 to use all troops, heroes & pets and challenge big players. But it will take years to reach the latest Town Hall 15 in COC. To save your precious time & efforts, Nulls Team released Nulls Clash th 15 Update so that you can easily reach max town hall 15 and enjoy everything available in COC.


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What is Null’s Clash?

Nulls Clash Town Hall 15

Null’s Clash is a Clash of Clans MOD APK which has its own private server created by the Null’s Team. It provides many amazing features such as unlimited gems & resources, all sceneries & skins unlocked, etc. to the players. It lets them play the game without any restriction and allows them to reach higher TH in no time.

Null’s Team updates their server regularly and whenever new levels are added to the official server, they add them as soon as possible in Nulls Clash APK Download too to keep their players updated. It supports clans, wars, friendly challenges, and multiplayer attacks. Players can practice new attacks in it. It’s the best COC MOD to have.


Null’s Clash APK Details

APK NameNull’s Clash
Version15.0.5 (Latest Version)
DevelopersNulls Team
Last update1 day ago
Size246 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Gems, Resources, Skins

Best Features of Nulls Clash APK

Null’s Clash of Clans comes with many awesome features that players like so much and play it. We have listed all the features down below.

  • Town Hall 15, New Siege Machine, New Hero Pets Available (Latest Update)
  • Clan Capitals, new skins, and new features are available (Latest Update)
  • Unlimited Gems, Elixir, Gold & Dark Elixir
  • Unlimited Builder Elixir & Builder Gold
  • Heroes Skins Unlocked
  • Nulls Connect to Save your progress
  • All Scenery Available
  • Super Bowlers Added
  • New Troops Levels Added
  • Supports Clans & Wars
  • Friendly Challenges Supported
  • All Goblin Stages Unlocked
  • Includes Practice Matches
  • Anti-ban
  • Regular Updates

Nulls Clash vs Original Clash of Clans

Nulls ClashClash of Clans
Town Hall 15Town Hall 15
Unlimited GemsNo Free Gems
Unlocked All SceneriesNot Unlocked
Unlimited ResourcesLimited Resources
Heroes Skins UnlockedNo Free Unlocked
Real-Time BattlesReal-Time Battles
Regular UpdatesRegular Updates

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Nulls Clash Features in Details

To give you a clear description of all the features, we have explained them in the following subsections. Read them to know more about Nulls Clash APK Download in detail. If you don’t get any points, you can write in the comment section and we will explain that point to you more clearly.


Unlimited Gems

Nulls Clash - (1)

Gems are the premium currency in COC. With gems, you can buy pretty much everything, especially builders which are very important to progress in the game at a high pace. But gems are faster than them too. You can finish any upgrade in an instant with gems. But the only thing that stops you is that gems are so costly and you don’t get many gems by removing obstacles. The only way left to get more gems is to spend real money and buy them.

Hey, not everyone has money to spend on games. That’s why Nulls Clash APK Download is providing you with unlimited gems. So that you can do anything you want without worrying about the cost or how many gems you have. Just use them to upgrade anything. One more amazing thing is that as soon as you restart the game, all the gems you spent will add to your gems. Thus, you have unlimited gems.

Unlimited Resources

Elixir, Gold, and Dark Elixir are the resources you use in COC. Training & upgrading troops, spells & Grand Warden cost elixir. Upgrading buildings cost gold. Training & brewing dark troops & dark spells, upgrading dark troops, dark spells & heroes cost dark elixir. These three are the necessary resources in the home village. To collect them, you have to attack in multiplayer and there’s no guarantee how much you will get. So, collecting these resources is a lengthy process. And the upgrade cost increases with each level.

In Nulls Clash APK Download, you are getting unlimited resources. So that you can train troops, dark troops, brew spells & dark spells with ease. Upgrading the barracks & troops will be an easy task with this feature. With its help, you can focus on your attacks rather than on collecting resources.

Unlimited BB Resources

Nulls Clash - (2)

Builder base resources are different than the home village. There are builder elixir and builder gold. You are getting unlimited builder-base resources. You can upgrade your battle machine, laboratory, and troops to the max level in Nulls Clash APK Download. And with the unlimited gold, upgrading the defense and builder hall to the max level is an easy task. 

Attack Any Goblin Stages

In the official COC server, you can play goblin stages or single-player stages on reaching a certain town hall level. Until you reach that level, they remain locked. And the starting stages are so boring to play. Real challenges are after the 20th stage. You can play them directly on Nulls Clash APK Download. All the stages are unlocked in it. You don’t have to upgrade to any certain town hall anymore to play them.

All Scenery Unlocked

Nulls Clash - (4)

Supercell released many amazing sceneries in COC. They look so amazing. The background of the base, and its surrounding changes into mind-blowing scenery. Hog Mountain, Icy Mountains, Goblin Arena, Jungle Scenery, Party Scenery, and many more. But they are available to buy only using real money. So, you can’t have them until you spend real money on the official server. Don’t worry, pal. All these sceneries are unlocked in Nulls Clash APK Download. You can change & equip any scenery and give an amazing look to your base.


Equip Any Hero Skin

Nulls Clash - nullsclash (2)

In each gold pass, Supercell gives a hero skin. Players can buy the gold pass and complete the seasonal challenges to get that skin. There are more than 30 skins of all heroes. Pirate King, Pirate Queen, Pirate Warden, Skeleton King, Ice Queen, Disco Warden, PEKKA King, etc. There are also some time-limited exclusive skins like Lunar Queen, War Hero King & Queen skins. These skins were only available in real money. Many players stop thinking about the skins as they can’t spend money on skins or gold passes. For those players, Nulls Clash APK Download is the best. It has all the skins unlocked. They can equip their favorite skins.

Multiplayer Attack Supported

I have seen that many COC MODs have no support for multiplayer attacks. As soon as they hit the attack button, the game crashes. But there are no such issues in Nulls Clash APK Download. You can attack other players and loot their resources. Earn trophies and achieve higher leagues. You can also take revenge on the players who attacked you first to steal your resources & trophies.

Join Clans, Chat with Friends

Nulls Clash - (5)

COC is no fun without clans & friends. This private server supports clan functionalities. You can join your friends’ clans or create your own. Invite your friends to your clan and chat with them. You can donate troops and ask for reinforcements. Sharing is Caring, right? You can also challenge them for a friendly match. Give them your strongest base to see if they can clear it. Or attack their bases and show them your skills.

Supports Clan War

If you are in a clan, then war is a must. It’s more fun to play war and destroy the opponent’s bases to pieces. So many players play on Nulls Clash APK Download. So, you will find opponents for war easily. Win the wars to earn clan XP and increase your clan’s level.


Nulls Clash APK Download has a separate private server that is not related to the official server in any respect. Therefore, playing on this private server is completely safe and will not cause any banning issues. As these are two different apps, you can also install them alongside the main COC app and play both of them.

New Super Troops & Troops Levels Added

super troops - nullsclash (5)

Supercell added Super Bowlers and new levels of Yeti, Bowlers & hogs in the Clash of Clans. In the Nulls Clash APK Download, developers added these features too. You can unlock super bowlers and upgrade the troops to new levels. You can also request for super bowlers in the clan if you are on a low TH level.

Regular Updates

regular updates - (3)

Null’s Team will always keep you updated with all the news features that Supercell adds in COC. The team updates their server as soon as possible and adds new levels, troops, or other features so that players can enjoy them. They also check for bugs & issues and regularly update the server to provide you with a better game experience.

Installation Guide For Nulls Clash APK Download

installation guide

Downloading and installing the Nulls Clash APK Download is an easy task. We have shared the installation guide with each step explained. You can read and follow them step by step to install the APK on your device.

  • First, Download Null’s Clash APK using the download button given in this post. Just tap the button and it will start downloading the APK. The downloaded APK will save in your download folder.
  • If you are installing the APK from third-party websites or outside the Play Store, then you need to enable the permission “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”. You will find it in Settings >> Privacy >> Special Permissions >> Install Unknown Apps. Enable it for that app from which you will install it. If you have already done it before, then ignore it and proceed to the next step.
  • Now open the downloaded APK using one of the following methods.
    • Open the file manager and go to the folder where it is saved. i.e., download folder. Then tap on the APK.
    • Open the browser’s download window and tap on the APK.
    • Swipe down the notification panel and tap on the download completion notification.
  • It will open the installation window which shows two buttons: Install and Cancel.
  • Tap on the install button to start the installation process. It will take a few seconds to complete.
  • After the completion, you will find the Nulls’ Clash icon in the app menu. Tap it and it will launch the game. Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Town Hall 15 Available in Null’s Clash?

Yes, Town Hall 15 along with new siege machine is available in Nulls Clash.

What features are included in Nulls Clash APK Download?

It has unlimited resources such as gems, elixir, gold, and dark elixir. It also has all hero skins & sceneries unlocked.

Do I need to root my device to install the APK?

No. There is no need to root the device. It’s a root-free APK. You can install it just like any other app on your device

Is it safe to install & use Null’s Clash?

Yes. It has a private server and does not correlate with the Supercell server. Playing on this server is completely safe and will not cause an account ban. You can do anything on it.

Does it include the super bowlers?

Yes. Null’s Team always keeps their server updated. And they also added the super bowlers in it along with new troops levels.

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Nulls Clash APK Download lets the players enjoy their favorite game COC with unlimited gems & necessary resources such as gold, elixir & dark elixir on a private server that prevents banning their main account. They can join clans, chat with friends, play war and challenge each other for a friendly battle. It provides all the skins & sceneries too. Their regularly updated server always keeps the players up-to-date with each COC feature.