Clash Mini: Everything You Need To Know (Updated 2023)

Supercell, the developer of the super-famous game Clash of Clans, announced in April 2021 that they are working on three brand new Clash games – Clash Mini, Clash Quest, and Clash Heroes. Supercell wants to expand their market with new genres of games so that players who are not interested in COC or Clash Royale may have an interest in other genre games and creating these three games is the beginning. In this NullsClash.NET post, we are going to explain Clash Mini which is released in some countries. 

What is Clash Mini

Clash Mini - What is Clash Mini

Clash Mini is a real-time strategic board game. It’s also a CCG (Card Collectible Game). In it, you will compete against other players by placing Heroes & Minis on the board during the preparation round. After that, your Minis will start combat automatically. You may think it’s like CR at first sight, but it’s much more than CR. 

It has multiple Heroes and cute COC & CR characters in their mini toy forms. Each Mini has multiple skills that you can unlock by upgrading them. As of now, there are only two modes – 1v1 and Rumble. You can play these modes in classic or rank. Just like other Supercell games, Clash Mini is also going to be available on mobiles only. So, don’t expect the game on platforms other than iOS and Android. 


In this section, we have explained Clash Mini’s gameplay thoroughly. The clash will take place on an 8×5 board. The lower 4 rows will be yours and the upper 4 rows of your opponent. When the match starts, both of you will get 6 elixir and 18 seconds to place your Hero & Minis on the board. Placing the Minis will require the elixir. After that, a 30 second round will start in which all placed Heroes & Minis will fight automatically. 

You can’t see the opponent’s Minis’ positions in the preparation round, so you have to guess where they can be and create your synergy to defeat them. Also, you can place Minis or change their position during the battle. After the first round, you will get 6 elixir and 18 seconds again to place new Minis on the board. The player who wins 3 rounds first will win the match.

When you place a Mini that is already on the board, it will merge with that Mini, increasing its attack damage. So, upgrading them is also important to face stronger opponents. I have been talking about placing the Minis, but where do you get new Minis? On the home screen of the game, you can create your deck of 1 Hero and 5 Minis just like Clash Royale. And in the match, 3 random Minis from your deck will spawn at the bottom of the screen. You can select any Mini you want. You can also tap the reroll button to access the new 3 random Minis.

Which Hero to Choose?

Clash mini -

It’s a very important decision you have to take after your first tutorial match. After completing the tutorial, you will get a chest that contains 3 heroes – Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Shield Maiden. You have to choose one of them. Each of them has three unique skills. In Clash Mini, getting a new hero is only possible with gems. So, pick the hero you like or that suits your playstyle. 

Barbarian King

An Inspiring Commander who Thrives in the Heat of Battle

Skill – Iron Fist – Increase the damage of nearby allies for a short time.

Archer Queen

Rain Destruction from Afar with a Storm of Bolds from Her Crossbow

Skill – Crossbow – Huge Speed increase, and attacks hit 3 enemies for a short time.

Shield Maiden

Believes The Best Offense is a Great Defense

Skill – Magic Shield – Gain block and reflect some damage back to attackers for a short time.

These are their first skills only. And you can upgrade them to level 10 to unlock their 2 more skills. 2nd and 3rd skills will unlock at level 5 and level 10 respectively. You will need the same hero cards to upgrade them. But it will cost you gems. You can use only one hero in the matches so it’s even more important to choose wisely. 

Some Helpful Tips

Gems & Gold are the necessary resources in this game. You will need to buy Minis cards and upgrade them. So, don’t waste your gold upgrading all the cards you have. Collect & store them to upgrade the cards you use to higher levels and unlock their skills. Play & complete quests to earn gold. Playing in Rumble mode is fun but don’t play it always. Play more in 1v1 ranked matches. Rumble mode doesn’t give you any rewards. 

Release Date – When & Where

Supercell released the beta version of Clash Mini on November 8, 2021, in 5 countries – Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. If you are from any of these countries, then you can download & play the game. But the players from other countries have to wait for its global release. And there’s no news about when it’s gonna be released. So, we can just wait. But you can sign up to get notified when the game is available in your country. Visit: and select the Clash games you wanna play ASAP it’s released and then sign up with your email.