Clash Quest: Everything You Need To Know (Updated 2023)

Hey Clashers! I think you already heard about the three new games of Supercell. So, we are gonna talk about one of those games – Clash Quest. In this post, you will find Clash Quest gameplay, its troops & spells, bosses & items, clans, & helpful tips. So, stay with us.

What is Clash Quest?

what is clashquest?

Clash Quest is a turn-based, island hopping, tactical, PvE strategy game. In this game, you will clash against preset enemies & defenses with a limited set of troops & spells in battles. In battles, there will be multiple stages. If you lose all your units, you will lose the battle. So, you have to defeat all the enemies before that to win the battle. You will also face the most treacherous bosses in this game. Supercell also added various types of items in this game that you can equip with your troops to make them stronger. 

In this game, you will explore the Archipelago. You will get new troops for your army by exploring the Archipelago. Win the battles and proceed to higher levels in the map to get troops as rewards. 


Clash quest 3

The gameplay is really simple but the puzzles & strategies are that make the game hard. In a match, there will be a board divided into two 4×4 parts with a little gap between them. On the lower 4×4 part of the board, your troops will spawn and on the upper part, there will be enemies. At the bottom of the screen, you can see your remaining troops & spells. 

You and the enemy will attack in turns. When it’s your turn, double-tap on a troop to send it to attack the enemy. That troop will not return to the board after attacking and new troops will spawn on the board. You can single tap on the troop to preview the attack damage and combo. When previewing the attack, if there’s a skull icon on the enemies, then that means this attack will kill them. 

upgrade your troops

If the troop you used has no troop of the same type adjacent to it will attack alone. But if there are multiple troops of the same type adjacent to it, it will create a combo and all those troops will attack the enemies. The bigger the combo, the higher the damage. It also gives you more score that is necessary to get more stars in the level. The more stars you get on clearing the level, the more gold you get.

In some battles, there will be multiple stages. When defeating all the enemies placed on the board you will proceed further and face more enemies. If the level you play is special, then you will face the enemy boss at the end. Defeat all the enemies to win the battle. If you lose all troops first, you will lose.

Troops & Spells

troops in game

You will find all the troops and spells from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale such as Archer, Giant, Barbarian, Prince, Goblin, Wizard, etc. In the enemies, there will be familiar defenses too. For instance, X-bow, Archer Tower, Cannon, Hidden Tesla, etc. All troops target & choose paths just like they do in COC and CR. Also, it has spells like fireball, rocket, zap, bless, earthquake, and the log. Spells deal damage in an area. So, always target to deal damage to a maximum number of buildings for efficiency. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your troops to deal more damage. 

Bosses & Items 

fight epic bosses

Supercell, for the first time, introduced bosses and items in the Clash Universe. In this game, you will also face bosses such as Lava Golem, Papa Dragon, Goblin King, Lava Hound, and many more. Defeating them will not be easy. Aside from them, there are items. You can equip the items with any troop to make them stronger. Items also have skills. Some of them have passive skills and some of them have active skills. Active skills require certain combos to be activated. The bigger the combo, the better the outcome.

Clash Quest Release Date?

Supercell launched the Clash Quest Beta version in ten countries. These countries are Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Philippines, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. There’s no news about the global release of Clash Quest yet. If you want to get a notification of the game whenever it releases in your region, you can sign up for it at using your email.