What are Army Buildings in Clash of Clans? (Updated 2023)

Hey Ice Golems & Lava Hounds! Today we will talk about Army Buildings in COC. Army buildings totally focus & affect your attack power. The main purpose of army buildings is to provide you aid in various attack aspects such as training troops, troops capacity, upgrading them etc. In this post, we have given descriptions of all the army buildings.

List of Army Building in Home Village

  • Army Camp
  • Barracks
  • Dark Barracks
  • Laboratory
  • Spell Factory
  • Dark Spell Factory
  • Workshop
  • Pet House

Army Camp

Army Camp is the place where your trained troops stay. You can build a maximum of 4 army camps and upgrade them to level 11 to increase the troops capacity. At max levels, you can train 300 troops and take them in battles.


Barrack is the building where you can train varieties of troops. Training troops take elixir. COC has a total of 4 barracks and can be upgraded to level 15. Upgrade any barrack to unlock new troops and upgrade other barracks to the same level to reduce the training time of troops.

Dark Barracks

Dark Barrack lets you train dark troops. It uses dark elixir to train dark troops. Only 2 dark barracks are available in COC and can be upgraded to level 9. Upgrading them works the same as barracks, unlocks new dark troops & reduces training time.


Laboratory is the only place that truly makes your troops stronger. You can upgrade your troops, dark troops, spells, dark spells & siege machines to increase their attributes such as HP, Damage as well as special effects. To face & defeat strong bases, you need stronger troops & spells. Upgrade them here.

Spell Factory

Spell Factory lets you brew varieties of spells that you can use in attacks to aid your troops. Upgrade the spell factory to unlock new spells and upgrade the spell storage capacity. There are 7 types of spells: Lightning, Healing, Rage, Freeze, Jump, Clone & Invisible spell.

Dark Spell Factory

Dark Spell Factory unlocks dark spells and uses dark elixir to brew them. There are 5 types of spells you can brew: Poison, Earthquake, Haste, Skeleton & Bat Spell. Total spell storage capacity is the combination of both factories and allows you to take a maximum of 11 spells at max levels.


Workshop is the place where you can build siege machines. You can build a Workshop at TH12. Upgrade it to unlock new siege machines and increase its capacity. You can take upto 3 siege machines in an attack but can only use one machine. Siege machine provides a lot of help in attacks.

Pet House

Pet House is the house of the pets as well as their laboratory. You can upgrade it to level 4 to unlock all the pets such as L.A.S.S.I, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak & Unicorn. You can assign a pet to each hero. Pets follow them and help them in attacks. In Pet House, you can also upgrade the pets to increase their attributes.

List of Army Building in Builder Village

  • Builder Barrack
  • Star Laboratory
  • Army Camp

Builder Barrack

Builder Barrack lets you train different types of troops. It takes no time in training the troops. Upgrade the Builder Barrack to unlock the new troops. You can train only one type of troops per army camp.

Star Laboratory

In Star Laboratory, you can upgrade the troops to next levels. Upgrading the troops increases their various attributes such as HP & Damage. At certain levels, their special abilities and number of units per camp increases. At max level laboratory, you can upgrade all troops to level 18.

Army Camp

Army Camp provides a place for the troops to stay after training. You can build a maximum of 6 army camps. An army camp allows only one type of troops to stay at a time and the number of units per camp depends on that troop type. There are no upgrades for it.