What are Heroes and Pets in Clash of Clans? (Updated 2023)

Hey Grand Wardens & Unicorns! Today, we will talk about the legendary Heroes and their companions, Pets. Each hero & pet comes with a unique ability. Heroes defend your base as well as go into the battles with your army. They don’t occupy the army camp’s capacity or need the laboratory to upgrade. You need a builder to upgrade them. Upgrading the heroes increases their HP, DPS, Regeneration Time and Ability. Ability of all heroes unlocks at level 5 and upgrades at every 5 levels.

You can unlock pets at TH14 by building the Pet House. Upgrading the Pet House unlocks new pets. In the Pet House, you can assign a pet to any hero and upgrade the pets. There are a total of 4 pets, each with a unique ability. All pets can be upgraded to level 10. While upgrading a pet, you can’t use him in the attacks.

List of Heroes in Clash of Clans

  • Barbarian King
  • Archer Queen
  • Grand Warden
  • Royal Champion

Barbarian King

Just like the name, Barbarian King is the king of all barbarians. His movement speed is 16 and has high HP. In the base, he walks around his altar within a range of 9 tiles radius and attacks the enemy ground unit who enters in this range. In the attacks, he attacks the closest building with his sword from 1 tile away. His ability is Iron Fist. When you use his ability, he regenerates a certain amount of HP and summons a group of barbarians around him. He also cast a rage spell which only affects him and his summoned barbarians. It increases their damage & movement speed. Summoned barbarians’ level will match your barbarian level.

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is a ranged hero. She is like a bigger archer. Her movement speed is 24. She uses a crossbow to attack their enemies from 5 tiles away, one unit at a time. Her range in the base is 10 tiles radius. She can attack ground as well as air units. In the attack, she targets the nearest building. Her ability is the Royal Cloak. Using it will make her invisible for a short duration, recover some HP, increase her damage and summon a certain number of archers. Defense can’t target the Archer Queen while she’s invisible.

Grand Warden

Grand Warden is a support hero. When an enemy attacks your base, he runs on his altar and turns into a defensive building and attacks the troops entering within its 10 tiles radius range. When you attack, his attacking range is 7 tiles. He follows your troops and targets the building targeted by your troops. You can set him on air or ground. He has two abilities, passive and active. His passive ability is the Life Aura. He has an aura of 7 tiles radius around him. It increases the max HP of all units in its range upto 90%. His active ability is the Eternal Tome. It makes all the units in his range immune to all kinds of damage for a short duration of time.

Royal Champion

Royal Champion is the only hero who targets the defensive buildings. She attacks the defensive buildings with her spear from 3 tiles away. Her movement speed is 24 and can jump over the walls. She has high HP as well as high DPS. Her ability is the Seeking Shield. When you use her ability, she recovers a large amount of her HP and throws her shield at the nearest defensive building that bounces to 3 more defensive buildings. It deals great damage. Her skill has unlimited range.

List of Pets in Clash of Clans

  • L.A.S.S.I
  • Electro Owl
  • Mighty Yak
  • Unicorn


L.A.S.S.I is the first pet unlocked on building the pet house. It’s an automaton with a movement speed of 32. It attacks the nearest ground unit within the hero’s 2.5 tiles radius range. Its ability is the High Jumper that lets it jump over the walls. It attacks the buildings from 0.6 tiles away.

Electro Owl

Electro Owl is an air-unit and unlocks at pet house level 2. His movement speed is 20. He stays with the hero and targets the same building targeted by the hero he is assigned to. So it’s attacking range depends on the hero and can be 1 to 7 tiles. He can attack both ground & air units. His ability is the High Voltage. When he attacks a building with his electricity, it bounces to the nearest building too and deals damage.

Mighty Yak

Mighty Yak is a ground pet unlocked at pet house level 3. Its movement speed is 24 and can attack only ground units. It targets the nearest building within the hero’s 7 tiles radius range. Its attacks deal splash damage in 0.6 tiles radius. Its ability is the Wall Buster that increases its damage to the walls. When the hero it’s assigned to dies, it becomes enraged, increases its movement speed by 16 and damage by 70% for 8 seconds.


Unicorn is a ground pet and unlocks at pet house level 4. Its movement speed is 16. It follows the hero it is assigned to and heals him/her every 1.03 seconds. It can heal the hero from 2.5 tiles away. When the hero dies, it starts following and healing other heroes or troops. Unlike healers, it can heal the air units too, but one unit at a time.