Clash Of Clans v15.292.19 Private Server APK (Unlimited Money)

Clash Of Clans Private Server is the most playable game worldwide. The developer Supercell has provided this game with the best performance to play. In this game, you are settled to build your base, train the best troops, unlock the heroes with their best abilities, and shop many more new things from this game. Well, we are here for you to access the best-moded features from this game for free. And that’s why we are sharing this Clash Of Clans Private Server. Enjoy this private server of the Clash Of Clans for free from us.


There will be a lot of websites and web pages available to share such private servers with your all. But many of them share something mismatching things with you means, you don’t get what you are looking for. So that we are here to help you out. The proper and absolutely right server will get provided only from here.

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Clash Of Clans Private Server File Information

APK NameClash Of Clans
Last update1 day ago
Size246 MB
MOD FeatureUnlimited Resources, Gems

About Clash Of Clans

Many of you have known about this COC. But there are few gamers who don’t know about this game. So basically, this is a multiplayer strategy game where you can battle on a multiplayer stage and get the needed resources as your reward. Gather golds, elixir, and dark elixir, to build and grow up your village. Absolutely, you are getting a base from which you can start your journey. Attack on the other’s villages and gather the loot from their bases as we mentioned above and use those resources to build your village aggressively. Make use of the best strategic and tactical battle moves to win your battles with perfect 3 stars completion. As you go further then you can simply unlock the various things and features from this game.

Best Features Of Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans Private Server_result
Clash Of Clans Private Server_result
  • Join clans and expand your village by donating and receiving troops.
  • Fight in clan wars as a group of your clan members.
  • Unlock the epic heroes and use them in your battles.
  • Build the buildings and upgrade them.
  • TownHall is the home and unlocks new things after upgrading it.
  • Battle with online players and earn 3 stars to fulfill your attack as a perfect attack.
  • Unlock by building barracks and upgrade troops and spells by using the laboratory.
  • Defend against your enemies by using canon, towers, traps, mortals, and many more defenders in your village.

What is Clash Of Clans Private Server?

Clash Of Clans Private Server 2_result
Clash Of Clans Private Server 2_result

If you had read the above information about the Clash Of Clans Private Server then you might have understood the basic features and the information about that game. And now, you will get to know about the Private Server of this game. Basically, the Private Server of any game or application is not owned by the primary or official server of that game or application. In this case, it is also the same. You will enjoy this Private Server on your device for free of cost. This Private Server will allow you to get the premium and MOD access for free in a separate or private server which leads you forever and will not fall your account to ban.

Comparison Between Clash Of Clans & Private Server

Clash Of ClansPrivate Server
You will get limited resourcesYou will get unlimited resources
You will get limited diamondsYou will get unlimited diamonds
Your account will be under official serversYour account will be under Private Servers
Use the provided featuresPlay with the best unlocked MOD features

Overview Of Clash Of Clans Private Server

Clash Of Clans Private Server 3_result
Clash Of Clans Private Server 3_result

As you have read the above information in What is Clash Of Clans Private Server, then you might get a little bit of idea about this server. This is a Private Server so, the official server of Clash Of Clans which is Supercell is not controlling this server. That means you are free here to enjoy the unlimited features with full modifications within them. Besides, you don’t have to fear the account banning because this is a Private server and it does not ban any account from this game. From the ordinary features to the extra modified features are available here so without looking anywhere click on the Download Button and get this amazing game with its private server on your device.


The main motive of this Private Server is to provide you all with COC Private Server. As you all know, there are TownHalls in this game and they are too much important. Basically, this TowHall is the home for your village. And there are certain levels for this TownHall. For the official server users, they have to upgrade their TownHall one by one level with a huge amount of gold, whereas these Private Server users, don’t need to upgrade their TownHall from the start. In fact, they will automatically get their TownHall on the 14th level and which is a Max level of TownHall. For now, we will take a look at some important MOD features of this Clash Of Clans one by one. So, stay tuned with us.

Unlimited Resources

Clash Of Clans Private Server 4_result
Clash Of Clans Private Server 4_result

Use the unlimited resources in your account without any issues. This Private Server of the game COC is hosting this feature with the free server. So that as usually you are using in MOD version of this Clash Of Clans APK, same here you can use unlimited resources in your ID for free. Resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems can be used within this feature.

Even though you are able to purchase the things like gold coins, elixir, and dark elixir with your gems. For this purpose, we have also provided you all with unlimited gems in your account so that you can buy more resources with them. Especially, your resources won’t run out in any situations. So you don’t need to get panic, cause these resources are unlimited and can be used without any limitations.

All Troops Unlocked

Clash Of Clans Private Server 5_result
Clash Of Clans Private Server 5_result

If you see, at the beginning of this game, you will get to use a few troops as your army instead in this modified feature, you can use the all troops that are incoming or unlocked in your account. Because troops are the important things in your game and if you have some basic troops with you then you can’t beat your opponent properly and get on the top earlier than you want to be. So, this feature will ultimately support you to get the all troops in an unlocked state and you can really enjoy them a lot.


All Troops & Buildings Maxed

Clash Of Clans Private Server 6_result
Clash Of Clans Private Server 6_result

As in the above feature, you will get your troops in an unlocked position then with this feature, you will get them fully maximized which means they will be yours with the maximum level of them. Hand by hand, you will also get your all buildings to be on max levels. All the buildings are maxed including all the buildings from your village such as all the towers, laboratories, barracks, resources, spell factories, and others. You can use these all buildings and also your troops with their max levels in your account so that you don’t have to upgrade anything from your base.

Train Troops & Spells Unlimited

Clash Of Clans Private Server 7_result
Clash Of Clans Private Server 7_result

If you have tried this game then you have an idea that you can train your army such as your troops and spells to a specific limit of housing space for them. But with this feature, you can train your troops and spells without any limitations. This ultimate and amazing feature will work for you to build your wanted army on your base without asking for any limit on housing space. Train your troops and spells on a large number and go on the attack for your glorious victory.

Unlocked Gold Pass

Clash Of Clans Private Server 8_result
Clash Of Clans Private Server 8_result

Want to play seasonal events? but don’t have money to purchase the Gold Pass? Don’t worry, get this Private Server with Clash Of Clans on your device and play every season’s event for free. This Gold Pass will be unlimited forever for your account and you can enjoy it on your device. Besides, for unlocking this Gold Pass you must need INR 499. And from there, you can get the rewards and the other stuff from that Gold Pass for free; But as you have chosen this COC with its Private Server, then you are going to get this Gold Pass for free of cost.

What’s New?

  • 100% Uptime & Active server.
  • TownHall With 14th Level.
  • Uploaded Self-Attacking Features.
  • Working Admin Commands.
  • New Clan Features
  • Fixed Bugs & Enhanced performance and graphics.

Simple Installation Guide

If you are thinking about getting this APK on your device then you must follow some installation rules to get this application safely on your device. The installation process is as follows.

  • First, download the COC Private Server APK by clicking the download button from this post.
  • Permit your file manager to install unknown applications from the settings.
  • Wait till the application installs safely.
  • Run the application after installation and play with fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Clash Of Clans Private Server free to use for everyone?

Yes, absolutely you can enjoy this amazing private server of Clash Of Clans on your device for free of cost.

How can I get this Clash Of Clans Private Server on my device?

You can simply follow the installation guide to get this amazing application on your device.

Are there any bugs remaining in this Clash Of Clans Private Server?

No, there are not any bugs on this server, besides you can run your game smoothly on your devices.

Should I need any rooted device to play this Clash Of Clans Private Server?

Not at all, there is no need for any rooted device to play this amazing game. Thank you.

Is there a Clash Of Clans Private Server for iOS?

Yes, you can download Private Server for iOS as well on this website.

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Download the latest version with Clash Of Clans Private Server from here for free. Thanks for reading this interesting post here. We assume that we have done perfect work for you all and tried to share something important and informative with you all. If you really loved this post and the application that we have provided then thank you very much. Besides, if you are having any issues with this post or application then the whole comment box is yours. Send your queries in the comment section and we will be there to solve your every question. We will be very glad to receive some best feedback from your side. Thank you very much, Goodbye!


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