Clash of Lights v16.137.6 (Latest APK) – Download Official Version

Welcome Clashers! This article is about Clash of Lights (Unlimited Gems). If you are here, you probably know that Clash of Lights is one of the best Private Servers of Clash of Clans after Nulls Clash and PlenixClash. It’s one of my favorite COC Private Servers as well. It has all the features that are good enough to surprise every clash game lover. For example, if you are here because of unlimited gems, congrats. Clash of Lights has unlimited gems and resources along with so many exciting & modified features including various cool commands to max out your village in just one-tap. Check this article to know each & every details of this COC Private Server.

Clash of Lights APK File Information

APK NameClash of Lights
VersionLatest Version
DevelopersLights Server
Last update1 day ago
Size180 MB
FeatureUnlimited Gems, Troops, Money
Clash of Clans MOD

What is Clash of Lights?

Clash of Lights Private Server is a modified version of original Clash of Clans. A private server is something so amazing because it can fulfil your wishes of unlimited gems and having a fully maxed out village. Clash of Lights is free and it has an amazing server uptime which is around 99.95%. If you have installed other COC Private Servers and wonder why your game is not opening or logging in, the most simple reason is that the servers are offline. But the case is different in Clash of Lights with its powerful server.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game offered by Supercell. It has billions of downloads worldwide. This game has amazing graphics, gameplay, events, updates, and so much more. The most wanted feature in COC is gems and they are so so limited. Players need to remove obstacles to gain some gems or there are weekly gem boxes. It’s so hard to collect thousands of gems easily and people try to cheat the game to obtain gems. Cheating leads to ban of their accounts. So, it’s probably not the only option to gain gems and there are safe ways as well. For example, you can Download Clash of Lights APK and easily get unlimited gems and you can upgrade your village to the max level as possible in just a few seconds.

Clash of Lights vs Original Clash of Clans

Clash of LightsOfficial Game
Unlimited GemsLimited Gems
Commands AvailableNot Available
Free UpgradesCostly Upgrades
Unlocked Heroes SkinsNot Unlocked
All Scenery UnlockedNot Unlocked
Multiplayer BattlesMultiplayer Battles
New Updates AvailableNew Updates Available

Features Explained

Unlimited Gems & Resources

In Clash of Lights, there are unlimited gems (premium in-game currency) as well as other resources that includes gold, elixirs, dark elixirs. Gems can be used to do almost anything. With unlimited gems, players can upgrade their village to the max level in no time. Other resources such as gold, elixirs, and dark elixirs are used to do various upgrades in the game. They are used to train the troops, upgrade buildings, unlock new troops & buildings, etc.

In-Game Commands

Clash of Lights includes In-Game Commands. It’s a wonderful feature that can save a lot of your time. For example, you can upgrade your town hall or your home village or builder village to the max level in just one-tap. Also, players can unlock all the troops and upgrade them to their max level with another tap. This command feature is only available in just a few COC Private Servers such as PlenixClash and Nulls Clash. Check our website to download all of them for free.

These are the following in-game commands are available right now. Open the global chat or in-clan chat and type them.

  • /clean = reset your account
  • /full = upgrade everything max
  • /th = upgrade town hall max
  • /asp = attack your village
  • /cct = remove spells & troops
  • /g = switch global chat/ clan chat
  • /status = show server status

Free Upgrades

Upgrading buildings, heroes, troops is not so easy and time-consuming in the official Clash of Clans game. But this is so simple in Clash of Lights. Here’s why, this private server has unlimited resources, gems, in-game commands, and so many more advanced as well as modified features. So, you can easily upgrade anything in just a second.

All Heroes Skins Unlocked

There are heroes in COC such as Archer Queen, Royal Champion, Barbarian King, etc. They have unique and special skins. But it costs money to unlock them in the official game. But Clash of Lights offers free heroes skins. All of the heroes skins are fully unlocked for free. There is no need to spend anything just to use them. More than 25+ Heroes Skins are available right now in Clash of Lights.

Unlocked Scenery

Scenery makes your village so beautiful that an attacker will love your base. They will probably screenshot your village to show them to their friends. COC has 10+ home village scenery but they require gems & real-money to unlock. In Clash of Lights, all of the scenery are unlocked. You can use them without buying anything. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is so great.

New Updates Included

New updates such as newly released Town Hall, New Troops & Buildings, all of them are available in Clash of Lights. There are frequent as well as regular updates. Whenever the new game update comes, you can easily download & update the game from our website as well. Currently, Clash of Lights has Town Hall 14 and all the super troops unlocked.

Clan Wars Available

Most of COC Private Servers have this feature and it’s so important to remind us the feel of Clash of Clans. Clash of Lights has this feature too. Means you can invite your friends to a newly created clan or join a clan yourself to participate in clan wars, friendly challenges, and you can also chat with your friends.

Real-Players, No Bots

If you wonder you going to attack bots villages, don’t worry. Lights has real-players, just like you. Players who wish to use unlimited gems or resources to make their base max out, or to use the latest troops and heroes, can join or install this COC Private Server. You can

Safe to Play, No Ban & Game Crash

There is no need to worry of the ban, as it’s a private server. Both Lights and COC have different servers. Means, you can’t use the same account to login both the games. Also, it requires no root. Means, it’s safe. There are cases of game crash too, but make sure you are using the latest version offered by our website.

Installation Guide

To install the Clash of Lights, read & follow each step one by one mentioned below.

Step 1: Download the Clash of Lights APK from the

Step 2: Now open the file manager, go to the download folder, and open the downloaded APK file. There will be a warning as shown below.


Step 3: Tap on settings and enable the “Allow Installation from this source”.

Step 4: Now go back and tap on the install button shown in the Clash of Lights APK installer.

Step 4: Clash of Lights is now installed on your Android device. You can play the server and enjoy the mentioned features.


What is Clash of Lights?

Clash of Lights is a COC Private Server. It’s offered by Lights Server and it’s completely free to download on Android devices. This game has unlimited gems, in-game commands, unlimited resources, clan system, goblin stages, and all the latest updates.

Clash of Lights is safe to install?

Yes, Clash of Lights is safe to install. There is no need to root your device also. Along with popular COC Private Servers such as nulls clash and Clash of Clans MOD APK, Clash of Lights is virus-free.

How to Update Clash of Lights?

To update and enjoy all the newest available features, players can visit and download the Clash of Lights official server app for free. It is always great to download this app from our server as we provide 100% safe COC Private Servers.

How to use in-game commands in Clash of Lights?

Clash of Lights supports in-game commands. To use them, you can simply open the clan chat or global chat and type the command there. There are many impressive in-game commands are available to upgrade your village and max out all the troops, spells, and siege machine. Also, you can upgrade all your heroes too.

Can I install Clash of Lights in iOS?

No, you can’t install it in iOS. It’s not available for iOS devices as Apple devices don’t support third-party games. These COC Private Servers developers do not develop mods for iOS because they know users need to root their device, and it’s so unsafe. So, you can install Clash of Lights in only Android devices. It’s because in Android device, users can install the third-party apps without rooting their devices.


Thanks for reading this article, Clash of Lights is really a wonderful COC Private Server. We all love it because it has all the latest feature & updates. Thanks to the Lights Server for keep providing the regular updates to all COC Lovers. Who doesn’t want to use unlimited gems and max everything in their base? We all wish that and with Clash of Lights APK, it’s completely possible. Now, it’s your turn, if you liked this article, you can write a comment and let us know. Also, if you find any trouble install the newest updates of any of our games, you can contact us.