Clash of Magic APK v15.352.22 (2023) Latest Version Download

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  • August 27, 2023
Clash of Magic APK v15.352.22 (2023) Latest Version Download

Clash of Magic is the best Clash of Clans private server. It fulfills all the wishes of the COC fans and has more features than others. More troops, more heroes, more defense buildings, even the dragon towers. In this post, you will find the description of all its servers & features and will get the Clash of Magic Latest Version APK.

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Clash of Magic APK Details

APK NameClash of Magic
DevelopersTeam Magic
Last update1 Hours ago
Size470 MB
FeatureUnlimited Gems, Resources

What is Clash of Magic

Clash of Magic is a private server of the official COC created by Supercell fans. It has four private servers. Each server has different features and is regularly updated. You will get unlimited gems, resources, and commands on all these servers. What makes them different are the features & tweaks. You can choose the server that suits you to play.

S1, S2, S3 & S4 are the servers. S1 and S3 servers are fully customized. In summary, they have custom troops, custom heroes & custom defenses. The upgrade time & cost are also tweaked to a negligible number. While in the S2 & S4, you will only get unlimited resources & commands and nothing is tweaked. So, you will find everything just like the original game.

Best Features of Clash of Magic

  • Town Hall 15 Update
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Elixir, Dark Elixir & Gold
  • Everything Unlocked from the Get-Go
  • Custom Troops, Defense, & Heroes
  • Auto Max Troops in Attacks
  • One-Tap Commands
    • Increase Experience Level
    • Get Free Trophies
    • Attack Generated Base
    • Maximize My Village
    • Maximize My Buildings
    • Remove All Obstacles
    • Maximize Troop/Spell Levels
    • Maximize Hero Levels
    • Get Gems
    • Add Magic Items
    • Add Medals
    • Unlock Super Troops
    • Unlock Sceneries
    • All Hero Skins
    • Get Gold Pass for Free
    • Reset Village
  • Join Clans & Play Wars
  • December Gold Pass Included
  • Regular Updates
  • Anti-Ban

Clash of Magic vs Clash of Clans

Clash of MagicClash of Clans Official
Unlimited GemsLimited Gems
Unlimited Housing SpaceLimited Housing Space
Gold Pass UnlockedPaid Locked
Unlocked Heroes SkinsNot Unlocked
All Scenery UnlockedNot Unlocked
Multiplayer BattlesMultiplayer Battles
Regular UpdatesRegular Updates

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Features Explanation

To give you a clear explanation of all the mentioned features, we have written everything about them in the following subsections. So, to know more about the features, read them.

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the precious premium in-game currencies in the COC. You can use them to buy resources, and books, and to upgrade anything instantly. However, it’s not easy to get them. You can only remove obstacles & complete achievements to get some limited gems. Therefore, Clash of Magic comes with unlimited gems so that players don’t waste time collecting them. With unlimited gems, they can easily buy anything & finish the upgrades in a second.

Unlimited Elixirs, Dark Elixirs, and Gold

After gems, elixir, dark elixir & gold are the most necessary resources in the COC. First, the elixir is necessary to train troops, brew spells, and upgrade barracks, troops & wardens. Second, a dark elixir is necessary to train dark troops, brew dark spells and upgrade dark troops & spells, and heroes. Third, gold is necessary for all defense buildings’ upgrades in the base. To collect them, you have to do a lot of loot and it will take too much time. To save your precious time, Clash of Magic comes with unlimited resources. So, you can just focus on your strategies and attacks.

Everything Unlocked

Everything Unlocked

You will get everything unlocked in the shop from the start. So, you can buy any building. For example, laboratory, dark spell factory, archer tower, barracks, army camp, etc. Hence, there’s no need to upgrade the town hall to unlock new buildings in the shop.

Custom Troops

Clash of Magic S1 and S3 servers are fully modded and come with many amazing custom troops. You can use all the home village’s troops in the builder base attacks and vice-versa. Additionally, you will find Clash Royale & Boom Beach characters such as Electro Wizard, Elixir Golem, Sparky, Royal Ghost, Rifleman, Zooka, Warrior, Tank, and Heavy Sniper, etc. in the barracks. You can train them and add them to your army. Moreover, you can train heroes too.

Custom Heroes

Custom Heroes

In addition to the custom troops, you are getting custom heroes too. I’m sure you know who Goku is. He is a hero here. There are also Gene, Crow, Leon, and Piper from the Brawl Stars. All these heroes have unique abilities. You can use them in the attacks just like the other original heroes.

Superb Custom Defense

As there are amazing custom troops & heroes, there is custom defense as well. It has defense buildings from the Boom Beach game too. You can construct a microwave, SIMO, Hot Pot, Doom Cannon, Lazor Beam, Shock Blaster, Shock Launcher, Flotsam Cannon, etc. Additionally, Clash of Magic has a dragon tower, witch tower, bowler tower, Goblin Dragon Tower, and all other troops towers. Build your village with the strongest defense buildings.

Auto Max Troops in Attacks

Auto Max Troops in Attacks

To save you time, Clash of Magic comes with the auto-max troops’ functionality. Whenever you go for an attack, all the troops in your army automatically upgrade to the max level. So, you don’t have to spend time upgrading TH, Lab, and then troops. It works in both, the home village & builder base.

Increased Army Camp Capacity

In the home village, the army camp’s capacity is increased so much. At max-level camps, you can train 5000 troops. Likewise, in the builder base, the number of troops an army camp can hold is increased to 100 troops. Players can destroy any base with an overwhelming army.

One-Tap Commands

It includes so many commands that allow the players to add features to the game and progress faster. These commands are super-easy-to-use. First, tap on the news button shown near the shop button. Then go to the commands tab. Finally, tap on the command you want to use. Some of the commands are as follows:

Increased Experience Level

This command will increase your experience level instantly. As an experience level is required to unlock decorative items in the shop and it’s so hard to earn XP in the official game, it’s a very helpful command.

Get Free Trophies

Using this command will add 100 trophies every day to your account without any attacks. A good command to reach higher leagues.

Maximize My Village

When you use this command, it upgrades all the buildings to the max possible level. Just construct a new building and tap this command. Your base will be fully maxed in a second.

Maximize My Buildings

Using this command will upgrade all the buildings to the maximum possible level at the current town hall level.

Remove All Obstacles

Removing obstacles is a boring task. To save you from this boring job, this command is added in Clash of Magic. Just tap on the command and it will remove all the obstacles in a second.

Maximize hero Levels

Heroes’ maximum level is 80. And it will take more than a year to fully upgrade them. With this command, you can upgrade all the heroes to the max level in a second.

Join Clans & Play Wars

If there are no wars, COC is incomplete. Similarly, if you can’t join clans & play wars in the COC private servers, then they will be useless. Right? Right. Therefore, it fully supports the clans and all the functionalities related to them. Players can join the clans, chat with their friends and start wars with other clans.  

Regular Updates

Clash of Magic is always updated regularly and has the latest features. It also has the current month’s gold pass. Whenever Supercell adds new troop levels or super troops, developers also work their best to add these features to their private server ASAP so that players can enjoy them without much wait.

Installation Guide For Android

If it’s your first time installing an APK and doesn’t know how to do that, don’t worry. We have written down all the steps required for the installation. You can read & follow these steps one by one. It will successfully install the game on your device.

Installation Guide

  • First of all, Download the APK using the download button given in this post. Just tap the download button. It will start downloading the APK. The downloaded APK will be saved in the Download folder (if you are using Chrome browser).
  • Now go to the “settings >> privacy >> special permission >> install unknown apps”. Then find the file manager & browser in the list and enable them to install unknown apps.
  • When the downloading is done, open the APK. There are three ways to open the downloaded APK. Follow any of the methods mentioned below:
  • Open the File Manager and go to the Download folder. And tap on the APK file.
  • Go to the Download tab of the browser. It will show the list of downloaded files. Tap on the Clash of Magic APK in that list.
  • Swipe down the notification panel and tap on the download completion notification.
  • Using any of the methods will open the APK and a new installation window will pop up on the screen. It will have two options – Install and Cancel.
  • Tap on the Install button. It will start installing the APK and will take a few seconds to complete.
  • After the installation completion, open the game from the app menu and enjoy its features.

Installation Guide Done


What is Clash of Magic?

Clash of Magic is a private server of Clash of Clans with unlimited resources.

What are the commands & how to use them?

Commands are one-tap features included in this private server that allow you to progress faster & add features to the game. In the News >> Commands tab, you will find all the commands. Just tap on the command to execute it.

What’s the difference between customized & original private servers?

In the customized private server, you will find custom troops, custom heroes & tweaked upgrade costs & time. While in the original based private server, there are no custom troops & heroes, and upgrade cost & time are the same as in the official COC.

How many servers does Clash of Magic have?

Clash of Magic has four servers. Two servers are fully modded with custom features while two servers have everything like the original COC with unlimited resources.

Do I need to uninstall the official COC to play these COC private servers?

No. These are different apps than the official COC and have different package names. You can install them alongside each other.


Clash of Magic is an amazing Clash of Clans private server and has four servers, each with different features. Players can download any server according to their requirements. Also, it’s completely safe to install, and play and has the anti-ban feature to secure the players’ accounts. There is no restriction on players and are not limited by the levels. They can use any troops, heroes & spells from the starting so that they don’t waste time on collecting loot & upgrading the town hall. Download, install, play, enjoy and share the game with your friends. Have a nice day!