Clash of Phoenix Download v2023 (Official) COC Private Server

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  • August 16, 2023
Clash of Phoenix Download v2023 (Official) COC Private Server

Hey guys, do you want unlimited gems, elixir, dark elixir & gold? Then I know just the app that will provide you with all that. Clash of Phoenix. It is one of the best COC private servers that is used by millions of users. And guess what? It even has Super Dragon and Flame Flinger Siege Machine. Cool, right. In this post, you are going to explain everything about this COC mod apk and will provide Clash of Phoenix Latest Version 2023.

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Clash of Phoenix APK File Information

APK NameClash of Phoenix
VersionLatest Version
DevelopersTeam Phoenix
Last update1 day ago
Size248 MB
FeatureUnlimited Gems, Troops, Commands

What is Clash of Phoenix?

Clash of Phoenix is the modified version of Clash of Clans and has its private servers. It has unlimited resources & gems which is wished by all the COC fans. As you all know, in the official server, you have to upgrade the town hall to a certain level to use the specific troops & heroes. Unlike COC, it doesn’t restrict or limit the players with town hall level, upgrade cost & upgrade time. They can enjoy all the assets of COC from the starting.

Clash of Phoenix

It has three private servers that include some unique features. Depending on these features, you can choose the server that suits you the best. In all these servers, you will get unlimited gems & resources, and commands. The difference will be in the upgrade cost & time, custom troops & heroes & the items buying limit. These three servers are as follows:

Clash of Phoenix S1

It’s a fully modded server. It has custom troops, custom heroes, custom defense buildings, modified army camp & spell factories, modified housing space, and has no buying limit. You can buy as many items as you want from the shop.

Clash of Phoenix S2

It’s a slightly modded server. It only has BB troops in the home village and some custom troops. The upgrade cost & time is zero. And there’s a limit to how many items you can buy.

Clash of Phoenix S3

This server is not modded. It has the same number of buildings & troops as the official server. The upgrade cost & time are the same too. It will give you everything the same as the official COC. Just unlimited gems, resources & commands are its features.

Best Features of Clash of Phoenix

you are curious to know what amazing features Clash of Phoenix servers have, then check out the following list. We have listed almost all the features in it.

  • Town Hall 15 Update
  • Unlimited Gems & Resources
  • Unlimited BB Resources
  • Use BB Troops in Home Village & Vice-Versa
  • Free & Instant Upgrade
  • All Troops Unlocked
  • Includes Custom Troops
  • Modified Army Camp & Troops’ Housing Space
  • Increased Spells Capacity
  • Free Heroes’ Skins
  • All Sceneries Unlocked
  • Custom Troops
  • Auto-Max Level in Attacks
  • Attack Database Generated Base or Your Own Base
  • Unlock Gold Pass
  • Unlock All Super Troops
  • Maximize Hero Levels in a Single Tap
  • Make Engineered Base
  • Regular Updates
  • Anti-Ban
  • Root-Free & Malware-Free
  • Install Alongside Official COC

Comparison Between Clash of Phoenix & Clash of Clans

Clash of PhoenixClash of Clans
Unlimited GemsLimited Gems
Scenery UnlockedNot Unlocked
Free UpgradesCostly Upgrades
Unlocked Heroes SkinsNot Unlocked
Real-Time MatchmakingReal-Time Matchmaking
Regular UpdatesRegular Updates

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Clash of Phoenix Features Explanation

To help you better understand the features, we are going to explain each feature in detail. If you want to learn more about them, read the following subsections. Also, you can comment below if we miss out on the explanation of any feature or if you want to know something else.

Unlimited Resources

Training troops, brewing spells, upgrading troops, spells, Grand Warden, storages, town hall, defense buildings, barracks, etc. everything requires gold, elixir, and dark elixir. These are the basic resources of the game. To collect them, you have to do many attacks. So, we, many times, focus more on collecting resources instead of having fun, especially on a new big update. That’s why we are getting unlimited resources in this private server so that we can focus on our attack strategies and have fun. Upgrading the buildings & troops is a piece of cake with this feature.

Clash of Phoenix

Unlimited Gems

What can we do with gems? We can buy resources, builders, hero skins, magic items, boost barracks, spell factories, heroes & workshops and instantly finish any upgrade. In short, gems are premium in-game currencies that can be used to do everything. And how can we collect them? By completing achievements & removing obstacles which is a lengthy process and by spending real money which is not a good idea. Therefore, Clash of Phoenix provides unlimited gems to all its players. They can spend as many gems as they want.

Unlimited BB Resources

Upgrading anything in the builder base is even harder than the home village. To collect the resources, you have to win the versus battles, or else you will get nothing. So, it’s kinda hard. Don’t worry about the resource. There are unlimited builder gold & elixir in this private server. Upgrading the builder base is easy now.

Clash of Phoenix

Use BB Troops in Home Village & Vice-Versa

Wanna use hog gliders, night witches, and super PEKKA in the home village? Ok boss. Your wish is granted by the Phoenix Clash. All the builder base’s troops such as raged barbarians, sneaky archers, cannon carts, hog gliders, night witches, etc. are added to the home village’s barracks. You can train them just like other troops in the barracks.

Free & Instant Upgrade

COC sure is an amazing game but the issue is the upgrade cost & time. As you proceed to higher levels, upgrade cost & time of everything increases drastically. At present, the max upgrade cost is 19M and the time is 19 days. Just 5/6 buildings will take more than half a month. Just imagine how much time it will take to upgrade everything to the max. More than years, right? That’s why the upgrade cost & time is reduced to zero in this COC MOD so you can easily upgrade anything. It will save you a lot of time.

Clash of Phoenix

All Troops Unlocked

As soon as you construct the first barrack, all the troops unlock automatically. You don’t have to upgrade the town hall & barracks in this MOD. Use any troop you like from the starting. Similarly, construct the first dark barrack to unlock all dark troops.

Modified Army Camps, Spell Factories & Troops’ Housing Space

In the official COC, you can train only 300 troops and 11 spells at max army camps & spell factories. But in this private server, you can train up to 5000 troops and 251 spells. Also, the housing space of all the troops is modified to one. For instance, an electro-dragon will only take one space in the army camp instead of 30.

Free Heroes’ Skins

Heroes’ skins are stunning. All players wish to buy them. But most of the players don’t want to spend money on the games and they use the same old skins all the time. Not anymore. In this server, you are getting all the skins unlocked. Equip Warrior Queen skin or Pirate Queen skin. Make Warden a pirate or a disco dancer. Use Skeleton skin or PEKKA skin on King. Your choice.  

Auto-Max Level in Attacks

To save time, this feature is added by the developers. When you train troops of any level and go for an attack, it automatically upgrades your troops to the max level. Not only the troops but also the heroes & spells are upgraded to the max level. But it’s only in the attacks. To show max-level troops in the profile, you have to upgrade them.  

Attack Database Generated Base or Your Own Base

It’s a very useful command you will find in the news tab. Using it you can attack a random base generated by the database. You will not lose or gain trophies whether you get stars or not. Also, you can attack your own base to check if it’s a good base or not.

Unlock All Super Troops

You can only unlock 2 super troops at a time in the official COC. But in this MOD, you can unlock all the super troops at once. So, you can use any super troops you want in your army. You don’t have to wait anymore for any super troop’s time to run out like COC. To unlock the super troops, go in the news tab and tap on the command “Unlock Super Troops”.

Installation Guide For Clash of Phoenix (Phoenix Clash)

Installation GuideInstallation Guide

If you don’t know how to install the Clash of Phoenix APK, then don’t worry about it. We have got you covered. We have given the complete installation guide below. Just read & follow each step one by one.

  • First, Download Clash of Phoenix APK using the download button given in this post. Just tap the download button and it will take you to the download page. Then tap on the download button on that page. It will start downloading the APK. Downloaded APK will be saved in the Download folder (if you are using Chrome browser).
  • Now go to the “settings >> privacy >> special permission >> install unknown apps”. Then find the file manager & browser in the list and permit them to install unknown apps. If you have already done it, then ignore this step and proceed to the next one.
  • When the downloading is done, open the APK using any of the following methods:
    • Open the File Manager and go to the Download folder. Then tap on the APK file.
    • Go to the Download tab of the browser. It will show the list of downloaded files. Tap on the PhoenixClash APK in that list.
    • Swipe down the notification panel and tap on the download completion notification.
  • Using any of the methods will open the APK and a new installation window will pop up on the screen. It will have two options – Install and Cancel.
  • Tap on the Install button. It will start installing the APK and will take a few seconds to complete.
  • After the installation is done, open the game and enjoy its features.


Can I install all three Clash of Phoenix servers’ APK on the same device?

Yes. You can install all Phoenix Clash servers APK on the same device as they have different package names & servers.

Do I need to root my device?

No. There’s no need to root the device. It’s a root-free APK just like any other apps APK. You can install it simply like other apps.

Will playing it affect my main account?

No. It has its own private server which does not correlate with the official server. Hence, playing on this private server will not affect your main account.

Can I create clans & invite my friends?

Yes. You can create your clan and invite your friends to your clan. But they must be on the same server that you are playing.

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Clash of Phoenix is an amazing COC private server that has three servers with unique features. Players can choose the server they like and enjoy unlimited gems & resources. Also, they can easily maximize their base and have fun attacking with the max troops. Its well-maintained & regularly updated server gives them all the latest updates ASAP. Additionally, they are not restricted by the upgrade cost, time & town hall level. Only fun exists in these servers. So, download, install, play, enjoy and share it with your friends. Have a nice day!