What are Defence Buildings in COC? (Updated 2023)

Hey Witches & Wizards! Today we will talk about defense buildings. So, defense buildings’ main purpose is to defend your village against enemy attacks. There are 17 types of defense buildings in Home Village and 14 types in Builder Base. Each defense type has a different range, damage & target type and way of attacking the troops. We have given the description of all the defense buildings in this post. Read the following sections for their details.

List of Defence Buildings in Home Village

  • Walls
  • Builder Hut
  • Cannon
  • Archer Tower
  • Mortar
  • Air Defense
  • Wizard Tower
  • Air Sweeper
  • Hidden Tesla
  • Bomb Tower
  • X-Bow
  • Inferno Tower
  • Eagle Artillery
  • Scattershot
  • Giga Tesla
  • Giga Inferno 13
  • Giga Inferno 14


Walls, as the same suggests, are used to build layouts that stop the enemies from advancing. Walls are not targeted by the troops unless it stops the enemies from going to their target. Walls have the highest HP. At TH14, a total 325 wall pieces are available. You can upgrade these to increase the HP.

Builder Hut

Builder Hut only turns into defense buildings when you upgrade them at TH14. You can upgrade all builder huts except the Master Builder hut. When any building is damaged in the builder hut’s range, the builder also repairs that building. Builder hut’s range is 7 tiles and targets ground & air units.


Cannon is the first defense building of COC. It has 9 tiles range and targets only ground units, one unit at a time. You can build a maximum of 7 cannons and upgrade them to level 20. With the help of Master Builder, one cannon can be geared up into a double cannon.

Archer Tower

Unlike cannons, Archer Towers have more range and can target both ground as well as air units, one at a time. It’s range is 10 tiles. COC has 8 archer towers in total and can be upgraded to level 20 to increase the damage and HP.


Mortar throws a shell at a trajectory that deals splash damage to the ground troops where it drops. It has a range of 4 to 11 tiles and can’t attack if troops come within its 4 tiles radius. You can build a maximum of 4 mortars.

Air Defense

Air Defenses are the only defense buildings in COC that are purely focused on killing air troops. They deal massive damage to any air unit that comes in its 10-tiles range. There are only 4 air defenses and can be upgraded to level 12.

Wizard Tower

Wizard Tower has a wizard on top of it. The wizard fires his spells at troops that come in its range. His spells deal area splash damage to ground and air troops. It has a 7 tiles range.

Air Sweeper

There are only 2 Air Sweepers and don’t deal any damage to troops. Air sweepers have a range of 1-15 tiles in a fan-shaped area in one direction. You can change its direction. When any air unit comes in its range, it releases a strong air wave that pushes the air troops back. It doesn’t target ground troops and has no effect on them. At max level, it can push the troops 4 tiles back.

Hidden Tesla

Hidden Tesla is like a trap. It stays underground. Enemies can’t see it unless any troop comes in its range. It has a 7 tiles range and occupies 2×2 tiles space on the base. It targets both ground and air troops but only a single troop at a time.

Bomb Tower

Bomb Tower has a bomber on top of it. It throws bombs at ground units that are within its 6 tiles range. Bombs have splash damage. There are only 2 bomb towers in COC and max level is 9. It also explodes when destroyed.


X-Bow comes with two target modes. First target mode is ground only and has a range of 14 tiles. Second target mode is ground & air and has a 11-tiles range. You can set X-bow on any of these modes. When a troop unit comes in its range, it shoots elixir-bullets. There are 5 X-bows in COC and can be upgraded to level 8.

Inferno Tower

Inferno Tower occupies 2×2 tiles space and has a range of 10 tiles. It can be set on single target or multi-target mode. In single mode, it targets only one unit and its damage increases over time. In multi-target mode, it deals constant damage to multiple units simultaneously.

Eagle Artillery

Eagle Artillery has a 7-50 tiles range and deals area splash damage. But it activates when opponents deploy ⅓ troops of their army. It prioritizes and targets the largest group of troops first. Then it launches three exploding shells in the sky that deals massive damage as well as sends shockwaves on impact.


Scattershot throws rock bundles at the closest unit in its 3-10 tiles range and deals area splash damage. On hitting the unit, that rock bundle breaks and deals damage to the troops that are behind the targeted unit.

Giga Tesla

Giga Tesla is the weapon of TH12 and only available at TH12. It has a 10-tiles range and targets multiple targets simultaneously. You can upgrade it to level 5. At level 5, when town hall is destroyed, it explodes and deals 1000 damage to the nearby troops.

Giga Inferno 13

Giga tesla is replaced by Giga Inferno on TH13. It targets and deals damage to 4 troop units simultaneously. You can upgrade it to level 5. When town hall is destroyed, it explodes at all levels and from level 3-5, it also slows the troops for a limited-time.

Giga Inferno 14

TH14’s Giga Inferno deals 300 DPS at all 5 levels and explodes when the town hall is destroyed. It also releases a poison cloud that slows down all the enemies in its range, decreases their attack speed and deals damage over time.

List of Defense Buildings in Builder Village

  • Walls
  • Cannon
  • Double Cannon
  • Archer Tower
  • Hidden Tesla
  • Firecrackers
  • Crusher
  • Guard Post
  • Air Bombs
  • Multi Mortar
  • Roaster
  • Giant Cannon
  • Mega Tesla
  • Lava Launcher


Walls are used to create layouts and stop the troops from advancing to their targets. Builder base has 180 wall pieces that can be upgraded to level 9. Walls come in pairs of 5 pieces in a row. You can’t select or upgrade only one piece.


Cannon has a range of 9 tiles and targets only ground troops, one unit at a time. You can upgrade it to level 9 to increase its DPS & HP. Builder base has only 3 cannons.

Double Cannon

Double Cannon has a range of 7 tiles. It targets only one ground troop at a time. It attacks the enemies in bursts and each burst contains 4 cannonballs. You can build a maximum of 3 double cannons and upgrade them to level 9.

Archer Tower

Archer Tower can attack the ground and air troops but one unit at a time. It comes with two modes: Fast Attack and Long Range. In Long range mode, it has 11-tiles range but low damage. And in Fast attack mode, its damage is double but the range is decreased to 7-tiles.

Hidden Tesla

Hidden Teslas of Builder Hall have the same behaviour , damage type & target type as the Home Village’s. The only difference is in their HP & DPS attributes and the max level in BB is 9.


Firecrackers only target the air units within 10-tiles range. They have burst fire type attacks. In each burst, it fires 3 rockets. But they can only target a single troop. You can build upto 5 firecrackers and upgrade them to level 9.


Crusher comes with only 2-tiles range but high DPS. Whenever any ground troop comes in its range, it slams the ground with its heavy stone and deals damage to all the troops within 2-tiles. Only 2 crushers are available in COC.

Guard Post

Guard Post doesn’t attack the enemy troops. But it’s a place for barbarian and archers to stay and they will guard the base around it. When they spot any troop, they follow him & attack him. You can upgrade the guard post to increase the barbarian & archer’s number and level.

Air Bombs

Air Bombs is another defense building that only targets air units. It has 8-tiles range and launches barrels at the air troops that will explode and deal area damage. There is only one air bomb in COC so place it carefully to cover more airspace.

Multi Mortar

Multi Mortar has burst fire attack type. It launches 4 shots per burst that deals area damage on impact. Its range is 4-13 tiles. It can’t target the troops which are inside its 4 tiles range.


Roaster is also of burst fire type. It fires 15 shots of plasma per burst that deal area damage, affecting all the troops at the fire location. It can target both ground and air troops.

Giant Cannon

Giant Cannon has a range of 9 tiles and attacks only ground troops. When a troop comes in its range, it shoots a giant cannonball that deals damage to all the enemies in its path. It doesn’t stop after hitting the target, but keeps going throughout the base. It also pushes back the troops.


Mega Tesla

Mega Tesla unlocks at BH8 and has a 7-tiles range. It has a single target damage type. But when it shoots any troop with its electricity, it bounces from one troop to another and then another, dealing damage to multiple troops in a chain.

Lava Launcher

Lava Launcher’s range is 10-20 tiles. It throws lava rocks at the ground troops that come in its range. The lava rock sets the ground on fire that deals damage to the troops over time. The longer the troops stay on this lava, the more damage they will get.


There are 4 Types of Traps:

  1. Push Trap
  2. Spring Trap
  3. Mine
  4. Mega Mine

Traps has got nothing special in the Builder Village too. They activate when the enmy come close to them. They don’t light up on the maps like other buildings in the Home village. One thing that is different here though is that the Builder Village Traps don’t need to rearm again and again, like we do in the home village. And as well know that Traps are not the buildings, so your opponent can destroy your base 100% without triggering the trap or going near to it. In the Builder Village, you have to upgrade each trap individually.


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