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So, what is Atrasis COC? Atrasis Original is the Clash of Clans private server created by a third party for Supercell fans. As in the official game, it takes years to upgrade the town hall, heroes, troops & buildings, players can’t enjoy all the troops & attack strategies from the get-go. As a result, hardcore fans created this amazing private server for all the fans. It allows them to enjoy everything in the game without any restrictions.


Atrasis Original and Atrasis Ultimate

It has two private servers – Atrasis Original and Atrasis Ultimate. Both servers have different features. You can download any server according to your tastes. If you want to experience the same Clash of Clans with no tweaks, play Atrasis Original COC. And if you want to play with extra features like custom heroes & troops, then download Atrasis Ultimate MOD APK. The only difference between them is the custom troops & heroes. All other features are the same.

Which server is best – Atrasis Original or Atrasis Ultimate?

Both servers are the best servers with different features. It’s on you whether you want to play with custom troops or not. Atrasis Original COC doesn’t have the custom troops while Atrasis Ultimate COC has them.

App NameAtrasis COC
VersionLatest Version
Heroes SkinsAll Unlocked
File Size251 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
Gold PassUnlocked
Last Update1 hour ago


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