Master Royale Infinity v5.142.17 (Official) Download Latest Version

Master Royale Infinity APK is a Clash Royale MOD just like Master Royale. Here you get unlimited gems and cards. In Master Royale Infinity, you don’t have to worry about your gems and coins because all the cards are unlocked here. To download Master Royale Infinity or sometimes known as Master Royale Infinite for free, you can visit NullsClash.Net. To read more about this unique and fantastic Clash Royale Private Server or Clash Royale MOD, you can read this article.

NOTE: New cards: Phoenix and Monk. New arenas, banners, emotes and skins are here too!

Master Royale Infinity Details

NameMaster Royale Infinity
DevelopersTeam Master Royale
Last update1 day ago
APK Size98 MB
FeatureUnlocked Cards

Should You Play Master Royale Infinity?

To all my friends who love to play Clash Royale every day, you can also try Master Royale Infinity and the reason is “Unlimited Gems”. In Master Royale Infinity, players can get unlimited gems for free. And there is no need to root your device either, so friends, do you really wish to know if you should play Master Royale Infinity or not? Well, I have already gotten your answer. Not just the unlimited gems, but in this Private Server of Master Royale Infinity, players can use unlimited cards and all the cards are available. You can scroll down below to know all the features in detail, till then let’s talk about the original game.

Download Master Royale Infinity

Download Master Royale Infinity on Android: To my Android users, yay! Master Royale Infinity is freely available on Android and for all. You guys can visit NullsClash.Net to download the working version or let’s say Master Royale Infinity Latest Version for free.

Download Master Royale Infinity on iOS: As we know, Master Royale Infinity is also available on iOS but it requires many tricks to install the game. So, we are also providing Master Royale Infinity for Apple Devices too. You can download the latest working version easily from the bottom of this article.

Master Royale Infinity vs Clash Royale

From the given table, you can take an idea of how Master Royale Infinity is different than Clash Royale. As we have limited and zero free gems in Clash Royale but here in Master Royale Infinity, you can get and enjoy this game with unlimited gems. Read more info down.

Master Royale InfinityClash Royale
Unlimited GemsNot Free
All Cards UnlockedNot Free
All Emotes FreeNot Free
Tower Skins UnlockedNot Unlocked
Online BattlesYes

Overview of Master Royale Infinity

Master Royale Infinity

Master Royale Infinity is offered by Supercell and has 100 Million downloads on the Google Store. In this game, players engage in battles with other players (real-ones). Players can make their battle decks by choosing various cards, as all the cards are unique and have a different playstyle. Players can participate in 1v1 and 2v2 real-time battles with other players for fun. To win the match, players need to defeat the tower of other players.

All Cards Unlocked

Master Royale Infinity offers all the cards unlocked. It means, that when we will open this game (Clash Royale Mod), we will get all the cards for free. No one has to suffer from the lack of legendary cards, as the chance of getting those cards are low in the official game. But chill guys, just download Master Royale Infinity for free and play with All Cards.

Unlimited Gems + Resources

Master Royale Infinity

If you think there is no way to play with unlimited gems in Clash Royale, well, I just wish to tell you that in Master Royale Infinity, you will get unlimited gems and resources. It means that you can use unlimited gems and gold anywhere (unlocking chests and upgrading cards) for free.

Real-time Online battles

Master Royale Infinity also offers real-time online battles, for example, you can play 1v1 and 2v2 real battles with opponents. Also, you can invite your friends to play 2v2 together. Master Royale Infinity gives players the clan feature as well where you can make a party and invite friends worldwide.

All Emotes Unlocked

If you are worried about the emotes, relax, because Master Royale Infinity has all the emotes unlocked. You can use these emotes during a 1v1 or 2v2 battle to make fun of other players or just to surprise them. So, if you don’t have emotes in Clash Royale, you can try out this Private Server, Master Royale Infinity for free.

Master Royale Infinity

Tower Skins Unlocked

Tower Skins are one of the coolest features and Master Royale Infinity has them. You can download Master Royale Infinity for mobile devices including iOS and Android platforms. There are 25+ Amazing Tower Skins available in Clash Royale which are completely free in Master Royale Infinity.

Leaderboards & Tournaments

Master Royale Infinity

Speaking of leaderboards & tournaments, this is the only official feature that is not available in Master Royale Infinity. Yet, it’s soon going to be released. If you just wish to participate in leaderboards, just play the official game.

What’s new

In the newest update of Master Royale Infinity, you can find amazing features. Check them out.

    • BATTLE BANNERS Available in Master Royale Infinity.
    • New Decorations, Frames, and Badges in Master Royale Infinity!
    • New Achievement Badges and Mastery Tasks to complete in Master Royale Infinity!
    • Quality of Life changes, bug fixes & more in Master Royale Infinity!

Installation on Android

To help you, we shared the complete installation guide below. You just need to follow them one by one to successfully install the Master Royale Infinity.

Step 1: Download the latest version APK file of Master Royale Infinity from

Step 2: Open the file manager, navigate to the download folder, and tap on the downloaded APK file.

Step 3: A warning will pop up on the screen. Tap on the Setting button and enable the “Allow Installation from this Source”.

Step 4: Now, tap on the install button on the Master Royale Infinity’s installer window.

Step 5: It will be installed in a few seconds and you can enjoy all its features.


In this FAQ section, you can find many questions-answers related to Master Royale Infinity.

What is Master Royale Infinity?

Master Royale Infinity is a MOD APK of Clash Royale. It has unlimited gems.

How to update Master Royale Infinity on Android?

Visit to successfully download the updated version of Master Royale Infinity.

All Cards Unlocked in Master Royale Infinity?

Yes, you can use all the cards in Master Royale Infinity.

Downloading Master Royale Infinity is safe?

Yes, you can safely download Master Royale Infinity on Android and iOS from our website.


Hey guys, Master Royale Infinity is a great MOD APK of Clash Royale. So, if you just wish to download or update the Master Royale Infinity Latest Version, you can visit and here, we offer so many Clash of Clans Private Servers, Clash Royale Private Servers, and Brawl Stars Private Server. If you like our work, please give us a rating and comment below.