MiroClash v2023 Download (Latest COC Private Server)

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  • August 16, 2023
MiroClash v2023 Download (Latest COC Private Server)

MiroClash or MiroClash COC is the one of the best Clash of Clans Private Servers offered by NullsClash and the reason is that it supports the latest updates. Also, the uptime of miroclash is exceptional. Here, every clash of clans player can find unlimited gems, all new troops, siege machines, super troops, buildings, and more. Download MiroClash (Clash of Clans Private Server) APK from here. Also, support the official Clash of Clans game.

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MiroClash APK File Information

APK NameMiroClash
VersionLatest Version
DevelopersTeam MiroClash
Last Update1 Day Ago
Size247 MB
FeatureUnlimited Gems, Elixirs, Money

What is MiroClash?

If you are looking to download COC Private Server and tired of all the fake websites, you should definitely give MiroClash a try. Here, on nullsclash.net, you can find all the working Clash of Clans Private Server APK files without any trouble. Check out this article to know each & every details in MiroClash COC APK Latest Version.

From the Official MiroClash Website, we found that it has three working servers right now. All the servers have unlimited resources and great features that every Clash of Clans player will love. For example, in the first MiroClash server, you can find all the heroes unlocked as well as custom heroes like Hero Goku! The second MiroClash server includes all the heroes skins, commands, unlimited gems. Also, the third server (My favorite COC Private Server) has unlimited resources and no mods. The third server more feels like the official game with unlimited gems which is so amazing.

List of Features

  • Download Original & Modified Server
  • Unlimited Gems & Resource
  • Hero Goku Available
  • Updated Server With All New Updates
  • Running Server & Best Uptime
  • No Server Crash So Far
  • Free Upgrades
  • Unlocked Gold Pass
  • Heroes Skins Unlocked
  • Free Trophies Everyday
  • Max Troops, Buildings, Town Hall
  • Add Free 50,000+ Gems
  • Unlocked All Sceneries
  • Super Troops Unlocked

MiroClash vs Clash of Clans

MiroClashOfficial Clash of Clans
Unlimited GemsLimited Gems
Unlimited Gold & ElixirsLimited Gold & Elixirs
Free UpgradesCostly Upgrades
Unlocked Heroes SkinsNot Unlocked
All Scenery UnlockedNot Unlocked
Regular UpdatesRegular Updates

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MiroClash: Features Explanation & How They Works

Features Explanation

Unlimited Resources

MiroClash offers unlimited gems to every player. It includes unlimited gems, gold, elixirs, and dark elixirs. With unlimited resources, players can maximize their base in no time. Having unlimited gems means so much in Clash of Clans and millions of players searches everyday about how to get gems? Miro Clash is a great way if you want such features because in the official game, it’s never going to happen.

Unlock All Troops/Super Troops/Siege Machines/Heroes

Unlock All Troops

MiroClash COC has all the troops including the latest ones as well. There are newly released siege machines, super troops, and normal troops. So, if you want to use a Clash of Clans Private Server with all the latest features, using MiroClash can be the best for you. It’s safe to use and it won’t even ban your official COC account. Recently, new super troops are released in the official game and so in this server. Speaking of heroes, it has all the heroes unlocked. You can easily upgrade them to their max level in no time.

Upgrade All Buildings to Max Level

If you are worried, about who is going to upgrade your buildings to the maximum level, then you should know that in MiroClash, you can easily upgrade all of the buildings to the max level in no time. How’s that possible? Well, there is a shortcut for it, keep reading this article, and you will know.

All Heroes Skins & Sceneries Included

All Heroes Skins

There are many heroes in Clash of Clans including Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion, Battle Machine, etc. In Miro Clash APK, all the heroes skins are unlocked. You don’t need to buy any of them because they are freely available. And the second amazing feature of COC Private Server is that it has all the home village sceneries. There are 15+ sceneries are available in the game including Hog Mountain, Epic Jungle Scenery, 9th Clashiversary Scenery, Pumpkin Graveyard Scenery, etc. All of them are unlocked for free in this COC Private Server.

Available Commands

Commands are the best feature a Clash of Clans Private Server can have. It’s available in most of the active servers including Nulls Clash and PlenixClash. To activate any command, you can go to the events tab and select commands from there. It’s very easy to use as you just have to tap on them to activate them. There are following commands are available in Miro Clash.

  • reset village
  • unlock sceneries
  • unlock/disable super troop
  • add/remove magic items
  • add/remove medals
  • add 50,000+ gems
  • Maximize heroes levels
  • reset all spells/troops
  • attack base
  • remove obstacles
  • get 50+ free trophies
  • unlock heroes skins
  • unlock gold pass
  • attack own base
  • maximize troops/spells

Free Gold Pass Unlocked

Free Gold Pass Unlocked

In the official game, players need to buy the gold pass in order to get more items from the progression system. But in Miro Clash, you can unlock gold pass for free and get all the items for free. Having a gold pass means, you can get earn more rewards such as resources, skins, and sceneries.

Very Good Uptime & Latest Updates

Most of COC Private Server are down this year but hardly there are some good servers that are active and up. Miro Clash is one of the good servers. It has a very great uptime and that’s why it’s my personally favorite Clash of Clans Private Server. It also includes all the latest updates from the official game. Recently, a new super troop and siege machine is released.

So Much Army Camp Capacity

So Much Army Camp Capacity

Not just the newly released troops are here, but there are lots of space in the army camps as well. You can train so many troops and siege machines easily. Your opponent’s base will look nothing in front of your giant troops army. You can train lots of dragons, barbarians, wizards, electro dragons, super bowlers, and many awesome troops.

Supports Clan Wars & Leaderboards

Miro Clash also supports clan wars system and leaderboards. In the Clan Wars, one can join clans and participate in the Clan Wars. Also, players can push trophies and earn their name in the leaderboards. Be a legend and show your friends! You can join clans, chat with your friends too! Also, friendly challenges are available.

Real-Players Matchmaking

PVP matchmaking is one of the best features in Clash of Clans. It’s also available in the this COC Private Server. Players can match against the real-players and defend their village as well.

Safe to Play, No Ban & Game Crash

Miro Clash is safe to play. There is no issue using this application on your Android device. It’s root-free and mobile-friendly. Speaking of the server itself, it’s fast & gives a great uptime of 99%. Players will need at least 1GB RAM Android device, in order to play it.

MiroClash: Installation Guide

  • First, Download Miro Clash APK using the download button given in this post. Just tap the button and it will start downloading the APK. Downloaded APK will save in your download folder.
  • If you are installing the APK from third-party websites or outside the Play Store, then you need to enable the permission “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”. You will find it in Settings >> Privacy >> Special Permissions >> Install Unknown Apps. Enable it for that app from which you will install it. If you have already done it before, then ignore it and proceed to the next step.

Installation Guide

  • Now open the downloaded APK using one of the following methods.
    • Open the file manager and go to the folder where it is saved. i.e., download folder. Then tap on the Miro Clash APK.
    • Open the browser’s download window and tap on the APK.
    • Swipe down the notification panel and tap on the download completion notification.
  • It will open the installation window which shows two buttons: Install and Cancel.
  • Tap on the install button to start the installation process. It will take a few seconds to complete.
  • After the completion, you will find the Miro Clash icon in the app menu. Tap it and it will launch the game.
  • Share the game with your friends.

Installation Guide Done

Some FAQs

What is Miro Clash?

Miro Clash is a special Clash of Clans Private Server. Here, players can enjoy using unlimited gems, get a gold pass for free, use all the premium skins and sceneries for free. Also, players can test all the heroes, pets, troops, spells, without any issue or wasting their time. The server uptime is also amazing and if you love Clash of Clans, you sure going to love Miro Clash as well.

How Many Servers are there in Miro Clash?

Miro Clash has three servers. The first server has lots of modified features like you can find new characters, heroes, etc. The second server includes no such mods but only provides unlimited resources and custom heroes. The third server is completely different has only unlimited resources with no mods. All three servers have unlimited gems, commands system, new updated troops & spells, Town Hall, Super Troops, etc.

Miro Clash is safe to play or Not?

Yes, Miro Clash is completely safe to play. There are no issues so far. Also, it requires a non-rooted device to install. Therefore, your device is safe.

Miro Clash is available for PC?

No, Miro Clash is not available for PC but you can download BlueStacks to install Miro Clash on PC. It’s very easy and you can follow our best guide to install Clash of Clans Private Server on PC as well.

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MiroClash is a COC Private Server. With unlimited mods, and special heroes like Goku & others, it’s really an amazing server you should see if you want to download Clash of Clans with unlimited gems. These servers are famous because players can easily get unlimited resources without doing any survey or spending their hard-earned money by purchasing gems. Miro Clash supports custom commands that allow players to maximize their buildings, town hall, spells, troops, etc. levels. So, how much you like it? Let us know in the comments. Also, check out more such modified Clash of Clans Servers on NullsClash.NEThttps://nullsclash.net/.