Null’s Royale APK v5.142.17 (Private Server) Download

Nulls Royale APK is a Clash Royale Private Server that provides many amazing features to all CR players. After COC, Clash Royale is the second game of Supercell which is so popular around the world. Millions of players love its real-time PVP battles. They create their unique deck to defeat their opponents. So, what leads them to download Nulls Clash Royale? You will find its answer in this post.

Nulls Royale APK File Details

App NameNulls Royale
DevelopersNulls Team
Last update1 day ago
APK Size152 MB
FeatureUnlimited Gems, Gold, Cards

What is Nulls Royale APK?

Nulls Royale APK is a private server or Clash Royale MOD APK created by Null’s Team that comes with unlimited gems, gold, star points, and many other features. It lets the players create their favorite deck of any cards they like. Unlike CR, it provides them with everything from the start of the game. So that players only enjoy the game rather than focusing on collecting resources & upgrading cards.

Its package folder name is also different than the Clash Royale folder name in Android/Data. So, they act as two different apps. And you can install both of them on the same device and play them alongside each other. You can use all emotes, equip any tower skin, and play with your friends in 2v2 battles. You will find only real players in the opponent team.

Nulls Royale vs Clash Royale Official

Nulls RoyaleClash Royale Official
Unlimited GemsNo Free Gems
Unlocked CardsNot Unlocked
Max Level CardsNot Maxed
Tower Skins UnlockedNot Unlocked
Emotes UnlockedPaid Emotes
Regular UpdatesRegular Updates

Nulls Royale APK Features Explanation

Nulls Royale

If you are eager to know more about the features in detail, then read the following subsections. You will get all the info and how they work. You can also comment in the comment section if you don’t get any features or facing any issues. We will explain it to you more clearly.

Unlimited Gems & Gold

Gems & gold are the necessary resources in the CR. With gems, you can buy chests, gold and unlock chests instantly. With gold, you can buy cards and upgrade them to higher levels. But collecting them is a hard job. You will get gold on winning battles and in chests. And there are few chances that you get gems in the chest, and you can complete achievements to earn gems. Or spend money to buy gems. Who will spend money on gems? Therefore, Nulls Royale comes with unlimited gems & gold. You can spend as much as you want. Buy all chests & upgrade cards without worrying about the cost & gems.

Unlock All Cards

Nulls Royale

Unlocking cards are not in your hands. You can just hope that this card unlocks while opening the chest. Also, you need to reach a certain arena to unlock the corresponding cards. Legendary cards are the hardest to get. And at a low level, there’s no chance. But don’t worry about that in this MOD.

You can unlock all the cards in this private server in a second. In the shop, you will see a book named “unlocked all cards”. It costs only 50 gold. Buy it and restart the game. It will unlock all the cards including other arena’s cards, legendary cards & champion cards. Create your favorite card deck and dominate the arena.

Max All Cards Level

As you all know upgrading the cards requires a certain number of the same cards. With each level, the requirements of the card increase. You need more cards & more gold. And collecting them takes too much time. The higher the card rarity, the harder it is to upgrade. Rest assured. You can upgrade all the cards in an instant. Go to the shop and buy the “upgrade all cards” book. Then restart the game. It will upgrade all the cards to the max level.

Unlimited Star Points

Nulls Royale

Star points are used to upgrade the star level of cards. It unlocks new character skins. You earn star points on upgrading the cards & donating the cards to your clanmates. That makes it a lengthy process to collect star points. But not on this server. When you use the previous feature to upgrade all cards to max level, it also gives you unlimited star points. So, rest easy because you can easily unlock all the skins using the unlimited star points.  

Free Chests

Chests are the main sources of getting gold & cards. You can buy them in the shop using the gems. But the higher the chest rarity, the higher the cost. The giant chest costs 490 gems, the Magical chest costs 800 gems, and the super magical chest costs 4600 gems. But not anymore. In Null’s Royale private server, all chests are free of cost. You can buy any chest completely free. Magical, epic, legendary, giant, mega lightning, royal wild chest, all are free.

All Emotes Unlocked

Nulls Royale

Emotes are the best to taunt your opponents. Blow their tower and send laughing goblins emote. Clash Royale has released 213 amazing emotes. Hogs emote deck, goblin emote deck, piggie, princess, giant, electro wizard emotes, and much more cute, furious, angry, laughing, & other emotional emotes. In Nulls Royale, all these emotes are unlocked. You can use any of them to taunt your opponents. Have fun.

All Tower Skins Unlocked

CR has 36 awesome tower skins. Why keep the same old tower all the time? Could you give them a different look? But it will cost you gems in the official server. That’s why Null’s Team added all the skins in their private server so players can use any skin and give a new look to the towers for free. No need to spend gems.

Champions Unlocked

Clash Royale released three Champions in their last big updates. Archer Queen, Golden Knight, and Skeleton King. Champions unlock when your king reaches level 14. These are also cards like others but with a higher rarity than legendary cards. And all of them have special abilities. If you are below king level 13, you can’t use them on the official server. In the Nulls Royale APK, when you upgrade all cards to max using this MOD’s feature, your king level upgrades from level 1 to 14 instantly. That also unlocks all three champions. You can use them from the start. No need to spend time leveling up.

Real Opponents

Nulls Royale

Millions of players play on this private server. So, you will find real opponents in the battles. There will be no bots. It is more well-maintained, organized, and stable for multiplayer real-time battles than other MODs. Your opponents also use the same server. So, they will be of max level too. You will face real challenges against them.

Null’s Legacy Event

Nulls Royale comes with a unique event you can take part in. It provides you with all the cards plus the custom cards too to create your deck. So, the event battles will not be the same as normal battles. It has more than 20 custom cards such as Bo & Shelly (Brawl Stars Characters), Ice Wizard Tower, Rocket Shaft, Golemite Cave, Big Dragon, etc.

Join Clans & Play with Friends

It fully supports the clans. You can join your friends’ clans or create your own clan. You can invite your friends in your clan and play with them. It’s more fun to play with friends. Challenge them for a friendly battle. Share your favorite decks in clans. And chat with them. It also supports clan wars. You can compete against other clans.

2v2 Battles Support

Nulls Royale

2v2 battles are more fun than 1v1 battles. Double the troops & double the clash. It has Nery’s Elixir Extravaganza, 2v2 Battle, Grave Guards, Rascal Girl Brawl, 2v2 Ghost Parade, and Hog Race 2v2 modes. Null’s Team will add Heal Spirit Sprint and 2v2 Double Elixir Draft modes soon in the game.

Regular Updates

Null’s Servers regularly update the server to provide all the features to their players. Recently, Supercell added a new card rarity Champion with 3 new cards, a new King level, and skins. All these features were added to this private server too in a few days so that players can use them ASAP in Nulls Royale.

Anti-Ban & Root-Free

Nulls Royale

If you try to cheat the Clash Royale official server to get unlimited resources, Supercell will ban your account permanently. Nulls Royale has a private server that is not related to the Supercell server in any way and, hence, Supercell can’t ban you from playing on this private server. You will get everything unlocked & unlimited on this server. Its APK is also root-free. So, you can easily install and play it without rooting the device.

Installation Guide For Nulls Royale

We have explained all the steps of the installation process in this section. You can follow these steps to successfully install the Nulls Royale on your device.

Step 1: Download the Nulls Royale APK from

Step 2: Open the file manager, navigate to the download folder, and tap on the Nulls Royale APK file.

Step 3: A warning will pop up on the screen. Tap on the Setting button and enable the “Allow Installation from this Source”.

Step 4: Now, tap on the install button on the Nulls Royale APK’s installer window and wait for its completion.

Step 5: Once installed, you can enjoy all the mentioned features. And please share it with your friends too.


Is Nulls Royale safe to download and install?

Yes. Nulls Royale APK is completely safe to download & install. It is a root-free and malware-free APK. You don’t need to root your device.

Do I need to uninstall the official Clash Royale to install this game?

No. Both games have different package names and, thus, are two different apps. You can install the Nulls Clash Royale alongside the Clash Royale.

Are we getting unlimited gems in it?

Yes. It comes with unlimited gems as well as unlimited gold & star points.


Nulls Royale is the best Clash Royale MOD and has its own private server. Because of the private server, no players will be banned from playing it. It provides unlimited gems, gold, star points, all cards unlocked & of max level. Players also get all the emotes & tower skins. What’s more amazing than these features? It’s also stable and supports clan wars & events. It’s the best MOD for Clash Royale. So, don’t just read the post. Get the APK to enjoy the features and share your thoughts in the comments with us. Have a nice day!