reBrawl v54.243 (Unlimited Gems, Unlocked All Brawlers/Skins)

reBrawl is a mind-blowing private server for Brawl Stars fans. Supercell released Brawl Stars in 2017 and it gained popularity around the world only in a few days. Millions of brawlers, both Android & iOS players, love playing this game. They also created many private servers & Brawl Stars MOD APK to unleash everything available in Brawl Stars and let the players enjoy the game without any restrictions. reBrawl is one of these mods and is unique. In this post, you can download reBrawl MOD version for free.

ReBrawl APK Info

App NameReBrawl
VersionLatest Version
DevelopersRebrawl Team
Last updated1 day ago
APK Size208 MB
MOD FeatureUnlocked All Brawlers
reBrawl APK

What is reBrawl?

So, what exactly is reBrawl? reBrawl is a Brawl Stars Private Server created by the fans’ community. It provides unlimited resources, all unlocked brawlers & skins, custom maps, and many other amazing features. Players can play it alongside the original game and don’t need to uninstall it. It’s completely safe, stable, and is regularly updated.

Currently, reBrawl has three versions: reBrawl Classic, reBrawl Mods & reBrawl Legacy. Each version has different features that make them unique and fun to play. Each one’s package name is also different and, hence, you can install three of them on your device along with the official game. You can see that in the screenshot of my device.

Finding the right website to download Brawl Stars modified version is not hard but finding the working and latest version is rare. We are here to solve that issue, from this website, you can Download the latest, working, and updated version of reBrawl For Android.

reBrawl Classic


reBrawl Classic is just like the official game. It has original brawlers and gameplay with no enhancement in the stats & attributes. If you want to experience the original gameplay with the brawler you want, then it’s a great fit for you.

Features of reBrawl Classic

In this section, we have explained all the features you are getting in this version.

Unlimited Resources

Gems and Coins are the resources available in Brawl Stars. Coins are necessary to upgrade the brawlers & buy their gadgets & star powers. With gems, you can buy anything in the game including the brawl pass. As you know Brawl Stars is the only game of Supercell in which Gems are so costly. But don’t worry about it. You are getting unlimited gems and coins on this private server. You can buy pretty much everything with unlimited resources.

Unlock All Brawlers

You can unlock all the brawlers in an instant on this server. Open the shop. You will see an offer named “Max – Reset” in the starting. Purchase it and then restart the game. It will max out your account and unlock all the brawlers including Chromatic & legendary brawlers. These brawlers will be at max level equipped with gadgets and star powers. So, you don’t have to upgrade or buy cards, gadgets, etc. If you purchase this offer again, then it will reset your account and lock all the brawlers.

All Skins Unlocked

When you use the previous feature, it also unlocks all the brawlers’ skins. You can select any skin you like. It also comes with many awesome custom skins created by community members other than the original skins.

Unlimited Boxes

With unlimited resources and all unlocked brawlers & skins, I don’t think this feature is useful. But still, it’s included in it. You are getting unlimited boxes on this server. You can open as many boxes as you want.

iOS Compatible

It’s also compatible with iOS devices and is the only one among these versions. So, Apple users can also play this server on their devices and enjoy all these features.

reBrawl Mods

In this version, developers modded everything in the game including the brawlers. You will not find any normal brawl in it. It has more features than the Classic server and is more fun to play. But it’s only available for Android devices.

Features of reBrawl Classic

You will get all the info on the features of reBrawl Mods in this section. If you don’t understand any point, let us know in the comment section.

Unlock All Brawlers

This feature works just like the Classic server. Buy the “Max – Reset” offer from the shop and restart the game. It will unlock all the brawlers with all their skins, gadgets & star powers. You can use your favorite brawler to crush your opponents.

Super Saiyan Brawlers

reBrawl Mods doesn’t have normal brawlers. It only has Super Saiyan Brawlers. Super Saiyan Brawlers are the upgraded version of the brawlers. Their HP, ATK, Reload Speed, Size, Movement Speed, everything is increased drastically. They can also fly over the water.

Custom Brawlers

Custom Brawlers are the brawlers created by the fans’ community. They are even more powerful & dangerous than the Super Saiyan Brawlers. Raven, The Jester, Bruce (Nita’s Bear), Sparky (from Clash Royale), PEKKA (from Clash of Clans), Steve (from Minecraft), Lucario (from Pokémon), and even a Plane. This server is crazy. It also added the robots from the Robo Rumble event of Brawl Stars as brawlers.

All Skins Unlocked

There are hundreds of amazing skins on this server – Original skins and Custom skins. And all the skins are unlocked. You can select any skin you like. There are no restrictions. Give a new look to your brawler after every match.

Unlimited Gems & Coins

You are getting unlimited gems & coins on this server too. You can buy anything you like from the shop without caring about the cost. Buy gadgets, skins, star powers, cards, brawl boxes, or even brawl pass, you will not run out of these resources.  

Custom Maps

To give a new arena experience, Community releases new custom maps on this private server. You will find new maps in events & game modes. So that you don’t feel bored of playing the same map again & again. Also, the practice arena is changed in it with a very large arena just like the size of the showdown map.

Open Unlimited Brawl & Big Boxes

It, too, comes with an unlimited boxes feature. You will find 9999 big & brawl boxes. You can open as many as you want. And on restarting the game, their numbers will go back to 9999. Hence, unlimited boxes.

Big Events Everyday

In reBrawl Mods, all events start every day with a new map. Big Game, Super City Rampage, Boss Fight, Robo Rumble events. You will see some events of the same type multiple times. They have different maps. So that you can play those on any map you like.

reBrawl Legacy

reBrawl Legacy is the combination of the first two servers. You will find some features of the reBrawl Mods and some features of the reBrawl Classic in it. For instance, Original Brawlers, Super Saiyan Brawlers, four Robots Brawlers, all maps, etc. It is created for players who have older Android devices. If you are unable to play Mods & Classic server on your device because of the lower Android version, then you can try the Legacy server. It’s mainly created for that purpose.

Features of reBrawl Legacy

Here are the features included in Legacy mod with their explanation. You can comment in the comment section to know more about them if we left any info mistakenly.

All Original Brawlers Unlocked

All the brawlers of Brawl Stars are unlocked on this server. Colette, Surge, Crow, Tara, Gene, Mr. P, Nani, El Primo, Spike, Sandy, Amber, and every other brawler. Chromatic and legendary brawlers are unlocked too. Play with any brawler you want.  

Super Saiyan Brawlers

Brawlers’ Super Saiyan mode also comes in Legacy. The attack power, reload speed, movement speed, size, super damage & HP are increased. You can use basic attacks repeatedly without waiting a second. Super will also recharge in a few seconds on dealing damage. All their attributes are enhanced drastically.  

Some Custom Brawlers

You will also find some of the custom brawlers from the reBrawl Mods version. For instance, you can use robots from the Robo Rumble event as brawlers. They also have amazing super abilities. Unlike the original robots, they can attack while moving.

Unlimited Resources

It provides you with unlimited gems & coins. You can use as many gems as you want and they will not run out. Even they will return to 9999999 gems every time you restart the game. The same goes for coins too. You can buy anything without worrying about the cost.

All Original Skins Unlocked

It includes all the original skins of the brawlers and lets you use any of them. You don’t need to buy them as they are already unlocked in the Legacy server.

Installation Guide

You can follow the following steps to install the reBrawl MOD APK without facing any issues.

Step 1: Download the latest version APK file of reBrawl from

Step 2: Now open the file manager, go to the download folder, and open the reBrawl APK file. There will be a warning as shown below, tap on settings and “Allow Installation”.

Step 3: Now, that you have verified the installation source, just follow the installation process. Tap on the install button, in the reBrawl APK installer.

Step 4: reBrawl is now installed and can play the server to enjoy the mentioned features. Also, please share this game with your friends who are looking for these extra features.


Are these reBrawl servers safe to play?

Yes. All three of these servers are private servers and completely independent. It has nothing to do with the official server. Thus, using these will not affect your main Brawl Stars account.

Can I install them on the same device?

Yes. The package names of each APK are different and hence, act as different apps. You can install all these 3 reBrawl versions on the same device. Also, there’s no need to uninstall the original game.

Can I play reBrawl on an iOS device?

reBrawl Mods is the only version that is compatible with the iOS device. You can play this version without any issues. But other versions are not available for iOS.

What are Super Saiyan Brawlers?

Super Saiyan Brawlers are the enhanced version of original brawlers. They have enhanced ATK, Reload Speed, HP, Abilities DMG, and can fly too.


reBrawl is the unique Brawl Stars MOD APK that has three different versions with their own private server. These versions are well-suited for every player who wants to experience original brawlers & gameplay, enhanced brawlers with superpowers, or custom brawlers. They also provide unlimited resources, all unlocked skins, and custom maps. Players will love playing on these servers with their favorite brawlers without any restrictions. Download reBrawl and enjoy its great features. Have a nice day!